Commercial & Property Disputes

For a lot of businesses, their premises are crucial to the smooth running of their business. ABC could provide a dedicated legal team for matters relating to commercial and property disputes.

Nuisance, trespass or damage to your property by another party could really affect your ability as a business, to run smoothly and effectively. Your premises are extremely important to ensure that you can operate. ABC covers the legal costs of protecting your rights and claiming compensation (if necessary), in addition to providing expert advice and drafting documentation.

Data Protection

You and your business could have dedicated resources for Data Protection matters including the defence of your business against any civil action brought under the Data Protection Act and advice on what to do if your business is investigated by a regulatory body.

The legal costs and expenses of either pursuing or defending any actions that fall under Section 13 of the Data Protection Act 1998 are covered under the ABC scheme as long as the insured is already registered with the Data Protection Commissioner (DPC). Appeals to the Data Protection Commissioner following refusal of an application to alter registered particulars or against any transfer prohibition, de-registration or enforcement are also included.

Health and Safety

You could have access to a dedicated legal team for Health and Safety matters including free health and safety audit to reduce unnecessary risks. The scheme could also cover the pursuit of compensation following an incident or event which might cause bodily injury to or the death of the insured.

If an unfortunate incident occurs which results in the death of or bodily injury to the Director or business owner, the cost of pursuing compensation is covered by ABC. This also extends so that under the ABC scheme, family members of the policyholder or Director who suffer bodily injury resulting from an event that causes bodily injury to the insured are also covered.

In the event that your business is investigated by a professional or regulatory body or if you are called to a hearing, we can also assist with this.

Debt Recovery

Problems with cash flow are incredibly common and ensuring that payments are made promptly is important to any business. Absolute Business Care could provide your business with bespoke support in collecting debts efficiently whilst maintaining good commercial relationships.

ABC also covers contract disputes and debt recovery which will ensure that legal fees and expenses are taken care of when defending or pursuing any business dispute as long as the disputed amount is in excess of £250.

Good credit control is essential to any business. However, even with the best credit control procedures in place bad debts can still happen. Absolute Business Care supplements and works with your existing credit control procedures to ensure bad debts are collected both efficiently and commercially to ensure your business maintains a healthy cash flow.


You could have access to a dedicated legal team for HR matters including employment practices and documentation reviews (free for all scheme members). Special discounts on employment contracts and policies.

Having a dispute with an employee can be extremely costly, time consuming and stressful. The cost of defending your business against employment disputes, tribunal or court fees (including any compensation awards made against the business owner) is covered with ABC.

Do you have Restrictive Covenants in your employment contracts? ABC covers the costs involved in resolving legal disputes that could arise from your restrictive covenants. The scheme also covers actions to recover property that is being occupied by an employee or ex-employee.