How does it work?

Immediate access to legal advice* and the support of a dedicated, qualified,
experienced solicitor for a fixed monthly subscription.

Your business could have:

abc icon tickAdvice and support through every dispute – commercial and employment – including
contractual disagreements with customers, suppliers, employees and self-employed

abc icon tickInsurance for legal costs if action is taken against you

abc icon tickYour business needs to pursue justice

abc icon tickDefence of claims against you. For example: prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work Act for an accident in your factory or warehouse

abc icon tickAccountancy and legal costs in an HMRC investigation. Plus legal advice and support

abc icon tickAdvice and updates to your legal, contractual and confidentiality agreements with
customers, suppliers, partners, directors, employees and contractors

abc icon tickGrievance, discrimination and dismissal letters – written for you

abc icon tickYour ideas, patents, copyright, design, domain names and products (intellectual
property) protected.*(optional extra)

abc icon tickRegular legal updates of interest to commercial businesses.