About Absolute Business Care


As a business owner, you will know that when it comes to resolving disputes – commercial or HR -related – prevention is far cheaper than cure. Getting things right in the first place, saves time and money – and could even save your business. A verbal agreement and a handshake may seem like the honourable thing to do but things can turn sour very quickly. Having the correct documentation in place at the outset is essential.

abc-mini-logo is designed to protect small and medium sized businesses by encouraging good practices and providing legal protection when things go wrong. Our scheme members benefit from direct access to advice and support from our team of qualified solicitors who are highly competent in their field. We are on hand from the outset of a legal issue through to its resolution.

In many cases, when a legal problem arises, it costs more to pursue or defend your business against a claim than it does just to back down. To defend an employment claim costs on average between £25,000 – £40,000.

Under the ABC Scheme, our team of highly qualifIed solicitors will provide legal support to various sectors, offering tailored solutions to both every day and specialist commercial and corporate legal issues.

Make sure your business is covered by the Absolute Business Care scheme now.